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Mainframe FAQs

What can we help you with?

We have two locations in downtown Boston:

1. The main office is located on Beacon Hill at 59 Beacon Street, conveniently located
across the street from the Boston Common & the Boston Public Garden.

2. On-site at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital. The on-campus Camera Studio is located in
the Thorn Research Building in room TH117, or you can find us in the Office Services
Suite located in the Peter Bent Building (PBB) on the ground floor in room 114E.

Yes! We offer location portraits for small to medium sized groups (4-100) in either a “natural
light” lifestyle portrait or a more traditional headshot style. We can bring our studio equipment
with background and lights to set up a virtual on-site studio in most conference rooms or lobby

Please contact us to learn more or to book a session for your group. 


We always recommend business attire that’s appropriate for your industry. If you’re a
physician or an attorney, you will want to stick with something more formal. If you work in a more
relaxed environment, then your style should represent that. Your headshot will represent you
digitally online and/or in printed material, so keep this in mind when choosing your
outfit. We’ll review this in greater detail when booking your appointment, but please contact us
to learn more.

Yes! With over 30 years in business, we have many years of experience and can capture you
and/or your group inside your office interiors and/or building exteriors for a personalized, dynamic
look. Please contact us to learn more or to book a session for your group.

Yes! We offer location portraits for most small to medium sized groups (4-100) and can schedule
your group on one or multiple dates. Our specialties include professional headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, and executive headshots. Please contact us to learn more or to book a session for your group. 


Yes! In addition to headshots for doctors, headshots for lawyers, and headshots for academics, we can schedule group photos as a separate stand alone session or easily add them onto your scheduled headshot sessions.

We understand that managing a group’s schedule can be challenging, especially when everyone
can be in the office on different days. We are happy to work with you to become a PARTNER
and schedule a recurring visit at your location on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis. We’ll
even set up a personalized calendar for your company to make it easy for your team to

Contact us to learn more or to reserve your company dates.


Have more questions? Schedule a Discovery Call with our team. 


We will provide you with portraiture you love in a painless, quick, and convenient way, or we’ll redo it for free.