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Meet the Team

Meet the Team
Susan R Symonds
CEO, Founder and Portrait Artist

After living here for 30+ years, I feel like a native New Englander! My father's family originally dates back to the 1650's in North Andover, MA so it's not that far of a stretch really! I basically left Rochester, NY and came to Boston to go to college in the 80's and I have never left! Being born and raised in Rochester (Kodak country) by a guy that worked for Eastman Kodak and an avid photographer gave me a special advantage! I have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up, yes, a photographer! Wide eyed, I graduated from Endicott College armed with a degree in Photography, a Nikon camera and big plans... watch out world here I come!

Fast forward to today, our studio, Mainframe Photographics and sister family studio, Infinity Portrait Design is a full service boutique portrait studio dedicated to customer service and the concept of photographing your moments that matter. We have been nurturing & defining this personalized concept for over 25 years now! My daily inspirations come from the simplest of resources around me usually with walks through this great city of ours and observing the gorgeous surroundings of our parks and neighborhoods and the people who live and visit here. The purely intoxicating beauty of a childs face, the loving arms of their parents holding them close or the flowers in full bloom in the Public Garden remind me daily of life's beauty.

I have continued to study the Art & Science of photography in an ongoing effort to utilize the most current techniques & teachings of many PPA industry leaders and mentors. I will say that I do miss all those magical hours in the darkroom but I have honestly only traded them for countless intimate hours with my iMac fine tuning an image to send out for final printing! I have always loved what I do from film to Photoshop. My career has explored many faces, using both anolog & digital mediums and has taken me on some fabulous adventures that have given me experiences that have shaped the woman I am today. I can honestly say that I have waited my whole career for the capabilities that we have today in the digital realm but I am reminded on a daily basis about those ever so basic rules "Expose for detail in the shadows and print for details in your highlights!" That being said I just can't wait to see what comes next in the ever evolving art of photography!

Annie Landry
mainframe 5

Director of Operations

So a little bit about me. I love music especially singer/songwriters, gardening (no really, you should see my veggie garden), farm to table dining, my four-legged family and laughter lots of it! I especially love to make others laugh.

Before starting at Mainframe Photographics in 2005, I worked for 12 years doing sports rehabilitation and outpatient physical therapy. It was a very rewarding experience to help others feel better and reach their personal goals. But then Susan offered me an amazing opportunity to become part of the Mainframe team. I have been here every since that day.

My focus is providing a simple, easy and effortless experience for each and every client that we meet. Life can be hard but getting portraits created doesn't need to be. I truly believe in our company mission to create imagery that makes an impact. Helping others meet and service their clients is just one of the ways that we do that!

I truly love my job and care about what we do on every level. I will work my very hardest to make you as comfortable as possible. It is truly my pleasure to meet you.

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